Legal advice & casework

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We’re still here to help you during COVID-19

You can still get legal information and advice, Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm by:

Calling us to speak confidentially to a lawyer on 9113 9500.

Or sending us an email to

You can contact us for help  about any legal problem.

Common issues are :

  • About what you can and can’t do under the new COVID-19 rules
  • Feeling unsafe at home. Or, you are worried about the safety of someone in your family 
  • Want advice about a fine you got 
  • Have to go to court
  • Were treated unfairly by police
  • Are having trouble paying your rent or bills 

Family Violence Program

We have a family violence team of Carmel ( lawyer) & Caitlin ( social worker) . They have lots of experience and are great to talk to .

Call if you are feeling unsafe at home or in your relationship . We can give you info and help you work out what to do & how to stay safe.

Family violence includes

  • Someone physically hurting you in any way (hitting, kicking you etc) ;
  • Putting you down,  blaming you for things & using info to control or frighten you;
  • Stopping you from seeing people such as a doctor ;
  • Restricting your movements around the house or outside for example, saying that you can only stay in one room; or
  • Monitoring your mobile and/or email.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 000.

If you are not in danger right now, but would like to talk to a lawyer or a youth worker about family violence, you can speak to our family violence program by calling our main phone line on 9113 9500, or emailing us at

Please note: We are not a crisis service.

  • If you feel unsafe or threatened or fearful for yourself, a child or family member, please call 000.
  • If you are in a crisis, call Safe Steps, Victoria’s 24/7 family violence response line on 1800 015 188.
  • If you need an interpreter, call the Telephone Interpreter Service (24 hours) on 131 450. They will connect you with the service you want.

Youthlaw services & who we can help: 

Youthlaw provides free and confidential legal advice to young people up to the age of 25, and/or those assisting/working with young people under the age of 25 (such as parents and youth workers).

  • Phone: (03) 9113 9500 (daily 9-5 pm , Monday to Friday).
  • OR email:  
  • OR via a drop down  form on our website  ask a lawyer online form (2-5 days turnaround  )
  • If we are busy an alternative is Victoria Legal Aid Help Line : 1300 792 387
  • We now have a lawyer  at Ballarat Community Health. Contact our youth lawyer Katrina on  0407 854 223 or

Will we take your case on ?

  • See our service guidelines.
  •  When we give advice we’ll let you know if we can take it further ( letters, court etc) . If you are eligible for legal aid we will refer you to them.
  • If you want to check if we can help before you come to a clinic we suggest you call us first and talk to one of our lawyers.
  • We prioritise court representation for young people who are most in need (eg. have mental health issues, at risk of homelessness or not able to represent yourself).

Common issues we provide advice on:

  • Fines: Train/tram fines or other fines particularly where stuff going on such as mental heath, homelessness etc.
  • Criminal charges : Police interviews & criminal charges
  • Driving :  Fines & charges
  • Becoming independent:  Leaving home, living with others. Who do I get to sign forms if I don’t leave at home?
  • Complaints: Who do I contact to complain about being treated unfairly at work, school, accommodation etc
  • Car accidents: I wasn’t insured – do I have to pay?
  • Debts: I’ve got debts. I’m in a bad mobile phone contract.  What are my options?
  • Discrimination: I’m being sexually harassed at work. I got knocked back on a rental . What can I do about it?
  • Family: What are my rights when my parents separate? 
  • Police issues: Experienced mistreatment ? Need to know your rights ?
  • Relationships:  Sex and when it is ok , relationships issues including violence, your rights as a young parent
  • Security guards: What can and can’t they do?
  • Tenancy: Ending a lease, getting repairs done
  • Ticket inspectors: What are my rights? Can I complain?
  • School: Suspension, expulsion and bullying – where do I stand legally?
  • Victim of crime: Applying for crimes compensation?
  • Violence and abuse: Physical , emotional or verbal violence. Sexual abuse. Intervention orders.  Have an intervention against you?

Lots of information on these and other issues is available in our learn about the law section.

What we can’t help with

We can’t help with these issues, but if you call us, we can tell you who to talk to:

  • Migration
  • Divorce
  • Child protection
  • Personal injury
  • Wills/estates
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Commercial matters
  • Taxation

If you’re in immediate danger

It might take a few days to hear back from us, so if you are at risk of harm call 000.

If you need to talk to someone or get support in the meantime, call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (for under 18s) or  Lifeline on 13 11 14  (for over 18s). You can also drop into Frontyard Youth services at 19 King St any day . Youth workers will help you work out what you need . There are health , housing and lots of other services in the building.

For Mental health worries look up Headspace centres across Victoria

If you’ve got substance abuse problems check out the Youth Advocacy Support Service

Feedback or concerns

If you have any feedback or concerns about the service you receive from a Youthlaw lawyer, please see this brochure on how to make a complaint.