We welcome the IBAC parliamentary committee report on the Victorian police complaints system, released on 4th September 2018 .

As you may know Youthlaw has been campaigning for independent investigation of police complaints, for many years  This year Youthlaw and many other CLCs made submissions & spoke to  the IBAC parliamentary committee .

The report recs if implemented  are a big positive step towards independent investigation of complaints . Key recs are that the gov’t funds IBAC  to set up a police complaints division and that they are required to undertake complete investigation of all serious police misconduct complaints .

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We are working with the other legal services to ensure the report recs are implemented .  This will include further advocacy if needed.  We are concerned that the definition of ‘serious police complaints’ will not cover much of the serious mistreatment young people report. If this is the case we and others will be strongly advocating for a broader definition to be legislated.

The gov’t has announced they are putting the report on hold for 6 months until after the election.

If you want to read the report here is the link https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/ibacc/article/3802