A summary of Youthlaw’s vision, values, mission, and strategic objectives

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VISION: A just and equitable society for, and by, young people.

VALUES: Youthlaw is a fearless advocate for young people. Youthlaw works within a social justice and human rights framework. Our work is based on principles of community development and we work together with young people to realise our shared vision. We recognise and value the diversity of young people and we strive to reflect that diversity in our work. Youthlaw works collaboratively to stimulate and create systemic change in the community for the benefit of young people.

MISSION: To provide an accessible legal service to young people under the age of 25, focusing on areas of unmet legal need. To address systemic legal and social justice issues in Victoria through community education, advocacy and law reform both for and with young people and their advocates.


  1. The profile of young people’s human rights will increase amongst key stakeholders and  community organisations in Victoria, in particular in relation to at least 2 and no more than 5 emerging and topical issues per annum (“emerging and topical issues”)
  2. Victorian law, policy and public authorities will take steps to respond to the experiences of young people and actively protect their rights in Youthlaw’s three key focus areas (“Campaign areas”):
    •        infringements,
    •        police powers/law enforcement &
    •        criminal justice diversion
  3.  Young people are involved and informing the work and direction of Youthlaw
  4.  Young people with formerly unmet legal needs are accessing high quality, free & accessible advice & casework services
  5.  Young people, particularly those most vulnerable & marginalized, are better able to identify & assert their human rights
  6.  Youthlaw secures on-going sustainable funding that enables it to operate efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis.