Did you know

  • 10,000 Victorian young people drop out of school completely each year
  • 6,117 do not have a home on any given night.
  • Over 7,000 were removed from their families last year due to abuse and neglect.
  • Last year one youth homeless service in Melbourne CBD had 7,211 visits from young people seeking help

Vote for candidates and parties that are for:

1. Federal funding support to implement the recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

2. Restoring & substantially increasing funding of community programs and services that engage with vulnerable young people ( eg mental health, substance abuse and homeless support services)

3. Significant Investment in public education & pathways, programs and supports for young people at risk of or disengaging with mainstream education.

4. Funding of employment assistance programs that pay real wages and policy that paves the way to real jobs

5. National spent convictions legislation to reduce life long impacts of having a criminal record.

6. Adoption and implementation of a justice reinvestment approach to policy and programs by both federal and state governments and funding of Justice Reinvestment pilots with a focus on early investment in vulnerable children and young people.

7. Reversal of funding cuts & increased funding to community legal centres (including Youthlaw) that assist the most vulnerable to protect & assert their legal rights.