Let’s help James take off for the Birdman fundraiser

This weekend one of our lawyers, James, is launching himself and his home-built-flying-machine off of a four metre platform into the Yarra River.

We’d love for you to get behind James and Youthlaw and donate to back his superhuman efforts and support us!

On the day of the event (this Sunday at 11.30am) all donation amounts are given a metre value, which means that your donation will increase James’ flight distance. The longer the flight distance, the better chance to ‘win’ more money towards Youthlaw.

In the lead up to Moomba James has been hard at work wielding a hot-glue gun and dealing with burnt fingers. James is a great lawyer, but not as confident in his crafting capabilities. With your help we can rally his spirits for one last serious crafting session, and even increase his flight distance!

So please help James and Youthlaw out by donating today. Small donations are welcome (so are big ones!). Please share this with your networks as the event is on this Sunday!”

And come down and watch his flight in the Moomba Birdman Rally at Birrurung Marr, this Sunday 12 March at 11.30am.