Inquiry into Victoria Police’s stop and search policy opens

Victoria Police has just opened a public inquiry into two key policies that shape their interactions with the community, particularly culturally and linguistically diverse groups and the Aboriginal community: its field contacts policy (‘stops and searches’) and its cross-cultural training program.

This inquiry is the first of its kind held by Victoria Police. Its outcomes have the potential to improve the interactions of police with Aboriginal, newly arrived and culturally diverse communities not only in Victoria but across Australia, as other police services take note of the Victorian response.

This historic opportunity is the result of a settlement between six courageous young men and Victoria Police as part of the Haile-Michael Federal race discrimination action. Broad participation from the community, in particular culturally and linguistically diverse young people, offers the greatest hope of this inquiry leading to substantial reform and the end of racial profiling in Victoria.

Getting Involved

On 1st June, the inquiry was opened to the public for submissions. The submission period ends at midnight on 31st July 2013. To find out more about ways to contribute and to access an online submission form, please visit Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre’s website.

More information

If you, your colleagues or your organisation would like more info on how to best contribute to the Victoria Police inquiry, Youthlaw staff are happy to come and talk to you in depth about the inquiry and ways of being involved.

If you know of any young people who would be interested and willing to share their story in an alternative format, Youthlaw can also talk about ways of supporting them to do this.

Please contact Tiffany at Youthlaw for more information: , 9113 9500.

Daniel Haile-Michael, one of the young men involved in the Federal Court action, shares his thoughts on the Victoria Police public inquiry.