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Are you under 18?

If you were under 18 years when you received the fine IT’S IMPORTANT you call Youthlaw or drop in to see us because you may not need to pay. You can also read our Fines for under 18s fact sheet.

Over 18?

 If you have COVID-19 fines  under the Concession Scheme for Covid-19 Fines which commenced on 30th August 2022, if you hold a valid concession card or other entitlement, to pay a reduced fine amount.

For example, a fine of $200 for a face covering offence maybe reduced to $50, a fine of $1849 for breaches of COVID-19 public health directions maybe reduced to $185, and other $5000 fines maybe reduced to $462.

Click here to find out more about the Covid-19 fines concession scheme and how to apply

Other fines

If you were over 18 years when you got the fine we suggest you read our Fines for over 18s fact sheet , call us or drop in to our Fines Clinic ( every Friday -no appointment required)  from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at 147-155 Pelham Street, Carlton).

If you think you can deal with yourself try using our fines self-help kit . You might also like to use the  Liberty Victoria’s mobile friendly website on Myki fines.

Don’t choose opt for court without advice as this is likely to result in a criminal record.

Friday Fines Clinic

Youthlaw has a drop-in Fines Clinic every Friday from 1.00-4.00pm for young people under 25.

If you were 18 or over when you got your fines YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH THEM. They won’t go away and can get bigger, get you involved with police and the courts and might result in enforcement actions (such as wheel clamping of cars, cancellation of your driver licence and registration, seizure of your assets and imprisonment).

Don’t opt for court thinking they won’t prosecute you ( they will) and you will likely end up with a criminal record that won’t impress employers.

The fines system can be messy and difficult to deal with. Our Fines Clinic has a team of lawyers and paralegals who will go through your options and take on your case where you can’t do it yourself.

WHEN:           Fridays 1–4pm (no appointment needed) .

WHERE:        147-155 Pelham St, Carlton