A call to embed diversion in the youth justice system

Submissions to the Government’s Discussion Paper Practical Lessons, fair consequences, Improving Diversion for young people in Victoria”    closed on 5th October.

Smart Justice for Young People   coordinated a sector response setting out the principles that should underpin a diversion framework for children and young people and making 13 recommendations of how to improve the system .

Youthlaw and a host of other stakeholders endorsed SJFYP’s joint response. We also put in a further submission of our own . Our submission focuses on building the case for improving diversion for young people in Victoria by:

 i)    introducing a state-wide legislative framework to ensure consistent and equitable access to diversion options (pre-court and at court)  for chidlren adn young people  so they can  get on with their lives and not be shadowed by their past criminal behaviour and criminal record and,

ii)   resourcing and strengthening the range of diversion support programs that help promote the child’s reintegration and the child’s assuming a constructive role in society.

Youthlaw Submission

 SJFYP Response