Membership at Youthlaw is open to young people, advocates, lawyers, youth agencies and workers that support our objectives.

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About membership

Membership is an important and valued aspect of the organisation and adds weight to the policy positions and public stances that we take.

As a member of Youthlaw you will receive our e-newsletter, invitations to special events and invitation to General Meetings. You will also have the opportunity to provide input into key policy issues we are working on, and are eligible to nominate for our Board of Management.

Membership is open to individuals or organisations. You must agree with the Vision and Values of Youthlaw to become a member.

Vision: A just and equitable society for, and by, young people

Values: Youthlaw is a fearless advocate for young people. Youthlaw works within a social justice and human rights framework. Our work is based on principles of community development and we work together with young people to realise our shared vision. We recognise and value the diversity of young people and we strive to reflect that diversity in our work. Youthlaw works collaboratively to stimulate and create systemic change in the community for the benefit of young people.

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