Videos: what are your rights when dealing with police and PSOs?

A series of videos about dealing with Police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

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Been searched for spray cans or weapons? Asked by police or Protective Service Officers (PSOs) for your name and address? Been ordered to move on?

What are your rights ?

Watch these videos

Carrying spray cans and graffiti searches: What’s the law?

Check out our fact sheet on graffiti laws

Weapons searches: What’s the law?

Giving your name and address: What’s the law?

Being found drunk in public: What’s the law?

Orders to move on and stay away: What’s the law?

Teachers & youth workers

Victoria Legal Aid has developed a Street Law Education Kit for teachers, youth workers and other educators to help young people better understand their rights.   The kit includes  these videos, discussion points and activities  to use in conjunction with them. Each episode tells a real or imagined story about police or PSO powers . Hard copies of the videos are available from Victoria Legal Aid.

About our Streetlaw videos

These videos were made through a collaboration of Youthlaw and Youthworx.  Youthworx trains up young people  in media & they produce a lot of great videos.