Youthlaw advocates for young people in a number of ways

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Policy platform

Youthlaw is a fearless advocate for young people. Not only do we provide legal advice to individuals but we also advocate for laws, practices and policies to be changed to benefit ALL young people. You can see the current issues we are working on in our Policy Platform.

Smart Justice for Young People

We work with legal and non-legal organisations to bring about change. In 2011 we established Smart Justice for Young People (SJ4YP) a coalition of over 30 legal, youth, health, welfare and community organisations. We lead and resource this coalition.


Every year we review our key campaigns. Over the next few years, our key campaign will be Justice Reinvestment – getting governments and decision-makers to put more funding into early intervention to prevent offending in the first place. Our other campaign areas are police accountability, statewide diversion and fines reform.  Our campaigns are run jointly with SJ4YP.

Emerging and topical issues

Youthlaw also responds to emerging and topical issues and comments regularly on the release of crimes statistics, Federal and State election issues and other matters. See our blog for our commentary on these issues.