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What is justice reinvestment?


Welcome to the Justice Reinvestment Clearinghouse.

The Clearinghouse is part of Smart Justice for Young People’s Building the Case for Youth Justice Reinvestment project. The project is funded until June 2018 through Youthlaw and the grants program of the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner.

This project is focused on building community and government readiness for a Justice Reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Victoria.

Over time this will reduce the number of young people who become involved in the criminal justice system and save money for other community priorities.

What is the Justice Reinvestment project?

The project aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of the need to intervene early to prevent crime rather than invest at the crisis end of the system through prisons and juvenile detention.
  2. Foster understanding within communities about how and why they should work within a Justice Reinvestment framework.
  3. Work with state and local government to shift to policies and long-term funding of programs that adopt a Justice Reinvestment approach for young people.

We take a community development approach to Justice Reinvestment.

We aim to support communities and their young people to discuss and decide what early intervention, prevention or diversion supports will address their local needs.

What are we recommending?

1. The Victorian Government develops a 10 year, whole-of-system, whole of community crime prevention strategic plan that adopts a justice reinvestment approach.

2. The Victorian Government sets up a justice reinvestment fund and commit to flexible and longer-term investment models and strategies to tackle the causes of crime.

3. The Victorian Government establish Victorian place-based justice reinvestment pilots (as recommended by the Victorian Ombudsman and the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee).

4. The Victorian Government supports interested Victorian communities with the resources and authority needed to ready themselves for a justice reinvestment approach, including program funding that factors in community engagement and relationship development work.

5. The Victorian Government improves community access and technical support to utilise data (to assist with planning and monitoring of place based approaches), address data gaps and develop a centralised data strategy and state-wide data sharing platform.

6. The Victorian Government develops a tool of measurement and conduct longitudinal evaluation (10-15 years) to measure how justice reinvestment approaches are working.

What is the Clearinghouse?

It aims to help communities explore what, why and how to do Justice Reinvestment.

The information and resources in these pages are a starting point for communities, individuals and organisations wanting to know more about Justice Reinvestment.

We hope they are a launch pad to explore new Justice Reinvestment projects.

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