Monthly Archives: May 2014

Budget cuts hit young people the hardest

No safety net for young people

The federal budget announced last night hits young people the hardest, with draconian changes to Centrelink support for under 30 year olds:

Newstart (an extra $45 per week) will only be available for those 25 years or older A 6 month waiting period for Youth Allowance and Newstart A 6 months on / 6 months off social security scheme that will leave young jobseekers without any form of income for 6 months every year Financial penalties for young people who do not accept a job offered Tightened eligibility for the Disability Support Pension that will effectively exclude young people experiencing mental health issues

These budget announcements will result in more young people living in poverty and homelessness.

United Nations committee challenge to Victorian police complaints system

A decision handed down this week by the United Nations Human Rights Committee has significant implications for how complaints against police are dealt with in Victoria.  This decision comes at a time when both major political parties are signalling intention to review the powers and role of the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti –Corruption Commission (IBAC ).