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On very few funds Youthlaw has a big impact .

We assist young people across Victoria who have had a bad start in life or face difficulties growing up.  Some of the underlying issues are family violence, family disadvantage, mental illness and disability .

Every year our team help over 1400 young people . We also give information to family members , workers and others to support and assist them.

This includes a Family violence team assisting young people experiencing family violence  such as Mary  referred to us by her housing worker . We are  helping her stay safe by regular contact with our specialist family violence practitioner to conduct risk assessments and safety planning. Our lawyer is also assisting her with her legal options.

This includes our lawyer team assisting homeless young people at Frontyard Youth Services in the Melbourne CBD such as Joshua who has been sleeping rough  for the last 3 months. Frontyard helped him find a safe place to sleep and connected him with their mental health team Check -In as he never had continuous care for his mental health condition.  Our lawyers helped him with fines and a court case that was stressing him out. He’s now getting wrap around support so he can start to build a better life.

Every dollar you donate will be carefully used to provide services to assist vulnerable young people to be safe and well and to pursue a more positive future.

For your information we are known and trade ( on the Australian Business Register ) as the Young People’s Legal Rights Centre Inc  or YOUTHLAW .  We are a charity and endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient.   Our ABN is 12794935230 .

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You can make a one-off or recurring donation directly via our GiveNow page (tax deductible in Australia).

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Donate by Post

  1. Send a letter or email to either Youthlaw P.O. Box Carlton South 3053 VIC or email admin@youthlaw.asn.au
  2. We would appreciate any information you are willing to share as to why you are donating . This will be kept private if you wish.
  3. State the amount of the donation .
  4. Let us know whether you would like recognition or not.
  5. Please provide your contact & postal details so we can contact you to arrange transfer of the donation & provide you with DGR receipt on receiving the donation.