Monthly Archives: April 2024

Youthlaw’s Victorian Law Week Events

As part of Law Week 2024, Youthlaw is excited to be offering a presentation on the new laws around affirmative consent and image-based sexual offences.

Join Youthlaw lawyer Lisa Nguyen for an insightful webinar on the latest laws regarding affirmative consent and image-based sexual offences.

Youthlaw supports the Yoorrook Justice Commission’s recommendations

Youthlaw supports Yoorrook Justice Commission‘s recommendations to government and are greatly disappointed in the response from the Victorian government this week.

Fundamental to any positive change is raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14, a return to a presumption of bail for all children, independent police oversight, expansion of Koori courts and a stand-alone indigenous child protection response.

Statement On The Israel Palestine War

Our organisation was founded with a vision of a just and equitable society for and shaped by young people, for which we are fearless advocates within a human rights framework. Our daily work involves protecting and asserting the human rights of young people, and this includes advocating for compliance with international human rights law and conventions.

Run Melbourne 2024 – Ashurst & Youthlaw

Ashurst are participating in this years Run Melbourne 2024 and are fundraising for Youthlaw!

You can find the link to donate here and thank you for anything you can contribute or share.

A huge thank you to Ashurst and the AshurstOutpacingChange Team, goodluck!