This page provides information about how you can let us know what you think about key issues affecting young people

On this page

As a youth organisation we are passionate about working with and supporting young people to have their voices heard.

Youthlaw is always looking for ways to include young people in our policy work, including:

  • completing surveys we put up on our website
  • send your experiences & stories to us
  • as Youthlaw bloggers
  • as peer researchers
  • as an active member of a campaign working group

So stay posted for upcoming events, surveys, and applications for our youth blogger position by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Past projects

Our Youth Engagement Officer, Sarah, supported a couple of exciting peer research projects driven and directed by a group of young people.

Sarah worked with a diverse group of young people to have their say about Protective Service Officers.  They wrote and published a report: Cop That: Bridging the gap between young people and law enforcement officers

Sarah also worked with young people at  Kurunjang Secondary College in Melton. This group was taken through an 8-week program where they gained research skills, communication skills, and how to work well within a team. Here’s what some of the students had to say:

“I learnt that opinions do matter and great communication skills are needed everywhere you go. I learnt that researching topics is essential as you need to know the truth and statistics of the topic to get a better understanding and to not give false information.”

“I learned a lot of new skills by participating in this project, I learnt how to work with my team but also work independently when needed, i learnt how to get the facts i needed and how to voice my opinion.”

In 2008 we received funding for a project to consult with groups of young women about  their legal needs and tips on how best to provide legal information & help. See the report

Visible & Vocal: The Legal Needs and Issues Facing Young Women in Victoria