What makes a project a justice reinvestment project?

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A focus on:

·      well-being of children and young people

·      early intervention in a young person’s life

·      local or place-based projects

·      genuine community partnerships

·      community engagement

·      use of local evidence and data

·      long term commitment

Well-being of children and young people

An understanding of the complex social, health, well-being and personal issues that may contribute to the risk of a young person engaging in criminal behaviour and to the personal costs of being caught up in the criminal justice system.

Early intervention in a young person’s life
A primary focus on working as early as possible on a child’s support needs and at critical points of their life to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors, thereby preventing criminal behaviour and diverting children away from contact with the criminal justice system.

Local or place based projects
Working with and for a specific community or demographic, especially those of high disadvantage and/or those with high crime or incarceration rates.

Genuine community partnerships
A commitment to genuine partnership between local government, government departments, community leaders and community organisations.

Community engagement
Meaningful engagement and inclusion of views and perspectives from community members, families, children and young people.

Use of local evidence and data
Reliance on evidence and data to assist communities to identify and tackle their own challenges, develop their own solutions and monitor and evaluate the impact of their initiatives.

Long term commitment
A commitment and long term investment by government and funders, allowing time and resources for this approach to be effective.