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Radio National ABC –  25.10.18 

Justice Reinvestment success in Bourke

The Guardian – 19.10.18 – Just Reinvest NSW Champion, Robert Tickner

Indigenous incarceration is a national tragedy – and both left and right need to solve it

The Guardian – 9.10.18

Unique community policing sees crime rates plunge in Bourke

The Australian – 06.10.18

Brighter futures for Bourke’s Aboriginal community 

The Australian – 06.10.18

Bourke acts to keep Aboriginal young people out of prison 

Canberra Times – 14.07.18

ACT Justice Reinvestment trial extended after strong results

Matter of fact with Stan Grant ABC – 28.03.2018 – episode 43

How hard is it to reduce the indigenous prison population? Stan Grant looks at what programs are working and why they are not being widely implemented.

ABC News  – 28.03.2018

Australia justice system overhaul needed to address Indigenous incarceration, inquiry finds

SJ4YP  Blog- 07.03.2018
New youth justice reports highlights how punitive responses don’t work

ABC News – 06.03.2018
Victorian Youth Justice Inquiry finds a rise in remand, significant failures in system 

New Zealand Herald – 22.02.2018
Andrew Little: “Longer sentences, more prisoners, it doesn’t work and it has to stop”

Daily Liberal News – 08.02.2018
Experts add voice to developing social justice policy. 

SJ4YP Blog  – 5.02.2018
The conversation Victoria has to have….putting youth crime to bed

Geelong Advertiser – 02.02.2018
Deakin University expert say policies, not more prison, could help cut crime rate.

Nine News Melbourne – 25 .01.2018
Story on Victorian Government’s commitment to invest in more prisons in which Mary Sayer of VCOSS (SJ4YP member) says in interview: “Evidence around justice reinvestment says its cheaper to do early intervention work than build new mega prisons…”

Bay 93.9 Radio  – 15.12.2017
Prison upgrade:Labor begins the hard cell

SJ4YP – 22.11.2017
Victorian must heed lesson of NT  Royal Commission

Youthlaw Blog – 17.11.2017
Victorian Cherry Creek facility unsupported by NT Royal Commission recommendations. 

Australian Senate (Hansard) – 17.10.2017
Australian Government response to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee report Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia

Just Reinvest NSW –  06.10.2017
A justice reinvestment framework for Dubbo is the answer

Cowra Guardian –  7.07.2017
Cowra justice reinvestment project highlighted at Royal Commission

The Guardian –  16.05.2017
‘Little island of hope’: NT youth programs worth every cent, report finds

The Guardian – 27.04.2017
Justice reinvestment to be trialled in ACT to reduce Indigenous incarceration rates 

Farrah Tomazin, The Age – 18.03.2017
Former US juvenile jails chief urges Andrews to rethink approach to teen crime

The Guardian – 14.03.2017
How to cut Australia’s $48 billion crime bill

The Guardian  – Indigenous Incarceration #breaking the cycle (series Feb 2017)
Jacob’s story: a second chance or a path to prison? Interactive case studies
Keeping clear of prison . I can’t go back in there
Ceduna’s bid to keep it’s indigenous youth out of jail
Funding for communities not prisonthe promise of justice reinvestment
Indigenous incarceration rates are not an intractable problem – we have the solutions

The small town trying to shift spending from punishment to prevention

Op Ed by Les Twentyman, Herald Sun – 13.02.2017
We need a new approach to handling justice for our city’s troubled youths

The Ombudsman – 6.02.2017
Report on youth justice facilities at the Grevillea unit of Barwon Prison, Malmsbury and Parkville

Tiffany Overall,  Law Institute Journal – 1.02.2017
Time to reinvest in justice

The Age – 9.1.2017
Youth justice is not the government’s fault – but it’s their job to fix it

Jesuit Social Services and Smart Justice 4 Young People – 30.12.2016
Youth justice advocates share serious concerns about Victorian Government’s decision to re-gazette Barwon Prison’s Grevillea Unit

The Age – 16.12.2016
Crime rates are steady, so why are prison costs so high?

Herald Sun – 15.12.2016
Youngest criminals likely to re-offend

Smart Justice 4 Young People – 15.12.2016
Report confirms less children in the youth justice system but more measures needed to prevent vulnerable young children offending

Human Rights Law Centre Media Release – 6.12.2016
Supreme Court set to hear case against children being sent to Barwon adult jail

Victorian Government Media Release – 5.12.2016
Sweeping Reforms To Crack Down On Youth Crime.pdf

SJ4YP response to Victorian Government Media Release – 5.12.2016
Youth justice reforms must be tough on the causes of youth crime

The Age – 29.11.2016
Dealing with young offenders is difficult, but not impossible
Tough stance in tatters after backflip sees Aboriginal kids removed from jail

SJ4YP response to The Age article and Government actions – 29.11.2016
Child right advocates welcome move to stop transfer of young Aboriginal offenders to adult prison, but call on Victorian Government to go further

The Herald Sun – 20.11.2016
It is no answer to dump youths in adult jails after centre riots

The Age – 17.11.2016
Victoria Police says only rehabilitating young criminals will make state safer

The Age – 15.11.2016
Forty teenage juvenile prisoners to be sent to adult jail

SJ4YP response to The Age article – 15.11.2016
Youth advocates warn against transferring young people into adult prison

The Saturday Paper – 22.10.2016
Justice Reinvestment on trial in Cowra – 19.09.2016
Backing Bourke: How a radical new approach is saving young people from a life of crime

ABC iView – 19.09.2016
Four Corners Program – Backing Bourke

Huffington Post – 19.09.2016
A Community Program In A Small NSW Town Could Reform The Justice System

Brisbane Times – 7.09.2016
Queensland to remove 17-year-olds from adult prisons

The Mercury – 5.09.2016
Talking Point: Keeping people out of jail safer and cheaper

The Sydney Morning Herald – 4.09.2016
‘A very expensive failure’: Former prisons watchdog says NSW on wrong side of history

The Age – 2.09.2016
Lock ’em up lunacy; how we turn small fry crooks into dangerous sharks

The Age – 25.08.2016
Prison numbers soar as unconvicted prisoners swell jails

The Age – 24.08.2016
Deputy chief magistrate Jelena Popovic calls for Victoria to rethink crime

Croakey – 24.07.2016
Calling for justice reinvestment and safer communities: #JustJustice #ALPconf2015 #ChangeTheRecord

Croakey – 25.01.2016
Meet “the perfect town”, taking an historic step towards a fairer community


ABC Four Corners – 19.09.2016
ABC Four Corners Program – Backing Bourke

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