What happens when a cupcake-loving bikie, a renegade magician and a budding graffiti artist comes across as police officer or a Protective Services Officer (PSO) on the streets of Melbourne? If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube you might have seen our Street Law video series that explores these questions and more.

Funded by the Victoria Law Foundation, Youthlaw developed and produced the series of animated videos in collaboration with students at Youthworx Media and James Fleming of Camera Electrica. Each episode tells a real or imagined story of a young person who encounters a police officer or a PSO on the street. The videos poke fun at the characters and their dilemmas but at the same time raise serious and important questions about police or PSO powers and young people’s rights.

You can watch the videos online and follow the links to Legal Info pages that set out what the law says in plain English or copies of the DVD are now available to order from here.

Youthlaw now have a Street Law Education Kit available online to help youth workers, teachers, lawyers or other professionals who work with groups of young people using the Street Law video series. The Kit includes a Session Plan for each topic setting out recommended discussion points and activities to teach groups of young people about the law and their rights when dealing with police and PSOs in Victoria in relation to:

  • giving your name and address
  • orders to move on and stay away
  • being found drunk in public
  • weapons searches
  • carrying spray cans and graffiti searches

For more information about Street Law, the Education Kit or ordering DVDs go to the Street Law page at www.youthlaw.asn.au/street-law or contact education@youthlaw.asn.au.

Here’s some pics from our launch in Frontyard last month featuring our some of the masterminds from Youthworx behind the project. Thanks guys and well done!